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FoodHack is a community-driven platform that inspires, highlights and connects food entrepreneurs and innovators.


From our weekly articles, podcastsand newsletters - we find the stories and news entrepreneurs need to know, always delivered in a personal and easy to digest format.


We scout emerging startups from across the globe and provide a platform to launch their products, and highlight breaking trends in the industry for hungry entrepreneurs to get inspired.


Our roots lie in events. Today, thanks to our ambassadors we're able to connect food industry entrepreneurs, executives and insiders across the globe through meetups and our summit.

Our global food system is broken

We believe bold ideas, entrepreneurship and innovation are needed to fix it.

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Our Story

FoodHack began as a way for co-founders Camille and Arman to tie their two passions, food and entrepreneurship, together and connect with innovative startups in their local ecosystem.

But soon interest in these community meetups grew and entrepreneurs in neighbouring cities caught word of the events. City by city, FoodHack meetups started to grow led by a team of passionate ambassadors.

To keep people informed about upcoming events, we started a weekly newsletter. To fill in the gaps, we highlighted some of the top food industry news from the week, in a tone of voice our audience would enjoy.

Soon we had grown a passionate community of entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe, from Zurich to Zambia, following FoodHack online through our newsletter and podcasts or offline at one of our meetup chapters or annual summit.

We've seen first hand the impact that one good introduction can make to an entrepreneurs career. Or how listening to struggles of a fellow founder can help you overcome your own. We know the importance of surrounding yourself with the right network.

And we want FoodHack to be community to help you along with your food entrepreneurial ventures.

Meet our team

Arman Anatürk

CEO | Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Lived across North America, Europe and Asia, leading to my questionable cooking style. Jumped two feet forward into the startup world in 2013, and haven't looked back since. Always on the hunt for the next story or inside scoop to cover - email me or connect on LinkedIn.

Sam Panzer


Sam is a Berlin-based food fanatic with a passion for startups. He is an avid home cook interested in food sustainability and security. Sam leads Customer Success at marketing tech firm Talon.One, building promotion strategies with food and mobility startups and large restaurant brands. He also bakes a mean loaf of sourdough.

Emilie Dellecker

Head of Community Development | Managing Partner

Equipped with a Master of Science in Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation, Emilie’s career was always driven by a desire for positive change. She previously worked at WWF International and Luc Hoffmann Institute, where she was in charge of stakeholder engagement and managed a portfolio of multidisciplinary projects related to sustainable consumption and production involving NGOs, research centres and practitioners.

Camille Bossel

Head of Operations | Co-Founder and Managing Partner

With a background in Interactive Media Design, Camille has always been passionate about design, technology and how storytelling and effective communication can shift consumer preferences. As a branding specialist, she is most proud when people associate the colour purple with FoodHack. Camille is currently interested in digital products, UX/UI, gardening and fermentation.

Nicola Spalding

Newsletter Editor at FoodHack

Nicola is a trends analyst and content writer based in West Yorkshire. She has ten years' experience in UK and international retail, including a stint as a trend and innovation specialist for Morrisons supermarkets. A born foodie who loves words, it made sense for her to start writing about all the exciting things happening in food.

Laura Robinson

Trends Editor at FoodHack

From policy geek to digital consultant, Laura has always enjoyed bringing people together through words or tools to drive positive change. She is most proud of finally taking the leap into entrepreneurship by founding Pink Pear Agency - a network of passionate specialists who help food businesses grow innovative projects and share their stories with the world. Laura is currently interested in project development and management, digital tools, content strategy and copywriting.

Louise Burfitt

Trends Editor at FoodHack

Louise is an editor and writer based in Oxfordshire. When her nose isn’t buried in a dictionary, you’re most likely to find her taking long weekend walks or nurturing herbs and vegetables in her container garden.

FoodHack Manifesto

FoodHack Manifesto

So, you want to become an entrepreneur?

Or shake things up in the company you work for?

You’re curious. Hungry. You’ve got big ideas.

And you want to make a difference.

You’re just in time. Because our food system needs you.

In the 50s, the green revolution changed the way we ate.

Crops grew faster and yields improved.

Food became accessible and affordable.

We stopped going to bed hungry.

And convenience freed us from hours in the kitchen.


Soon the world got smaller.

Food traveled further and needed to last longer.

Many of us forgot how to prepare the dishes we grew up eating.

And we overindulged until it made us ill.

Abundance taught us how to waste.

While others couldn’t afford the food they harvested.

Our global food system is broken. 

We believe that bold ideas, entrepreneurship and collaboration can fix it.

And FoodHack is looking for people who dare to make change happen.

And that’s you. It’s time to start the next revolution. 

Become part of a global community.

Find your crowd. Build a team.

Share, learn, grow. 

Connect across borders. 

Keep one eye on the trends

and the other on the mavericks. 

Challenge the status quo.

Always stay ahead of the curve. 

Take the first step.

Take initiative. Take risks.

Try something new.

Make mistakes, pick yourself up and start again.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Let’s create a greener, healthier, tastier world together,

One bite at a time.

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