Join us in building a global community of food innovators

FoodHack Ambassadors

We hand-select the most talented community builders and change-seekers around the world to join our Ambassador Program.

Their mission? To represent FoodHack in their city, foster local food communities and highlight innovative people that contribute to changing our food industry, one idea at a time.

FoodHack Meetups

Meetups are informal events that bring together local communities of food entrepreneurs and professionals.

We know that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road. That’s why we believe in creating welcoming space where food entrepreneurs and professionals can connect and exchange with each others.

FoodHack Meetups are hosted by hand-selected Ambassadors across the globe who spread our mission in their local communities and embody our brand.

Why you should apply


Establish yourself as a local leader and connect with businesses and entrepreneurs in your local community.


Get hands-on event, community development and marketing experience while expanding your professional network.


Cultivate meaningful relationships with like-minded Ambassadors across the globe and benefit from FoodHack wide network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key skills needed to make a great Ambassador team?

Leading a meetup chapter demands determination, drive and a range of skills. Previous event organisation experience is a big plus, flexibility and interpersonal skills are musts.Though don’t get put off if you don’t have it all, the responsibilities of hosting a meetup are shared across your local team and you can all bring different skills to the table. Here are some of the traits that make up a winning team:The networker: Someone who’s locally well connected or isn’t afraid to send a cold email or LinkedIn request to a potential speaker, venue, partner or ask for the odd favor from their network.The organizer: This person values organization and processes above all, they like to preempt situations and plan accordingly - they’ll be critical to keeping the team on track, avoiding headaches and ensuring smooth operations.The marketer: Your meetups are only as great as the people you have in the room and it’s the marketers responsibility to make sure people hear about your event and get everyone excited to attend.The host: Someone who’s full of personality and a natural entertainer, this person will make the attendees and speakers feel at home and at ease and is happy to be on stage hosting the event and getting the audience in the mood.

What makes a great Ambassador?

It all starts with your why : why do you want to host meetups in your city? What’s your motivation? We typically find the best Ambassadors and the ones that gain the most from the role are those who have a clear why.Maybe your active in the industry and want to establish yourself as a go to figure, maybe you’re working on your own food business and you want to stay ahead of all the latest trends and contacts or maybe you’re just interested in fostering your local community and supporting the entrepreneurs and stakeholders who are working towards a better future of food.If you’re still uncertain on if an Ambassador role is right for you - feel free to share your why with us and we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit.

How much time does it take to organize one Meetup?

On average, organizing your first meetup takes around 48 hours, split across you and your team, with decreasing time commitment as you become more accustomed to it. That includes everything from setting the date of your event to publishing your event photos online.

What are the key responsibilities of an Ambassador?

As a FoodHack Ambassador, you and your team will organize a minimum of 4 meetups per year in your city to foster your local food entrepreneur community. As an Ambassador you will also be responsible for:Finding 1 to 2 fellow co-Ambassadors to join your local meetup chapter.Set a Lead Ambassador who will be the point of contact with FoodHack HQ.Finding a venue to host your meetups in.Organizing 4 to 6 meetups per year in your city (depending on your availability and demand from your local community).Finding and reaching out to relevant speakers to participate in your event.Finding a photographer for your event (optional but recommended).Publishing your event via our event publishing platform.Promoting your event online (offline optional) and sourcing participants to attend.All aspects of event logistics (i.e. from set up, to hosting and clean up)Securing local sponsors to cover costs of your meetup (optional but recommended)

What are the benefits of becoming a FoodHack Ambassador?

Organizing meetups is a great way to quickly grow your professional network within your local ecosystem, stay on top of the latest industry trends in your area and improve your entrepreneurial and networking skills.More than that, by organizing meetups you’re providing entrepreneurs in your city with a safe space to get together and contribute to establishing a thriving environment for food entrepreneurship to grow in your city.In addition, you’ll get access to the ressources put together by the FoodHack Headquarters, our internal Ambassador Slack Channel, early tickets for our Flagships events and invitations for our annual Ambassador get together.

What are FoodHack meetups?

FoodHack meetups are informal events that bring together your local community of food entrepreneurs and professionals over an evening of interesting talks and tasty food.We know that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and tough road. But we also know that it helps to get together with like-minded people facing the same challenges, asking themselves the same questions or on a similar path.

What if I don’t want to apply and would rather start my own events?

You’re more than welcome to start your own event, we just ask that you do not use the “FoodHack” name or associate yourself with our brand.

Can I hold a license for my entire country or multiple cities?

No. FoodHack licenses are limited to one city.

Can there be more than one FoodHack chapter per city?

Nope. We stick with one team per city.

Do Ambassadors sign a license agreement?

Yes, each Ambassadors signs a license agreement in order to represent the FoodHack brand and agrees that all content created as a result of being a local Ambassador remain the property of FoodHack. The license agreement lasts for 12 months and is renewable.

How long should my video be?

Use your best judgement :)

Why do you ask for a video in your application?

We found it’s the best way to get to know someone in a faraway place. If you already have co-Ambassadors with you or have a great venue in mind for your event, this is also the occasion to introduce them to us.

What happens after I submit my video?

If your application seems like a good fit, we will set up a video-call to get to know you and answer any of your questions. We review applications regularly and you can expect an update within a few weeks. We are a small team at headquarters. Thank you for your patience!

Can I apply as a company or entity?

No. FoodHack Meetups chapters are licensed to individuals only. Sometimes, a host’s company might support their employee (e.g.committing to long term sponsorship/venue/resources). But at the end of the day our official relationship is with the individual, and if that person leaves his/her current company, the chapter would remain with that person.

What if I just want to join an existing team in my city?

In that case, you must get in touch with them directly to see if there is an opening within their current team. In doubts, you can also apply directly here and we'll forward them your application.

Is applying for a chapter first come first serve?

No, not necessarily. However, we do recommend that you get your application in as soon as you can. If we find an Ambassador we really like, we’ll grant them the chapter.

What is the application process?

After applying here, our team will get in touch by email in the following days. If the city you're interested in fits, you will receive your final application form and request for a video presentation.