MassChallenge Switzerland

Calling all AgriFood startups 👀 Apply to MassChallenge's "Sustainable Food Systems" accelerator to take your startup global this year 🚀 Use code FOODHACK2021 when aplying for 100% off


Calling all AgriFood startups 👀 Apply to MassChallenge's "Sustainable Food Systems" accelerator to take your startup global this year 🚀 Use code FOODHACK2021 when aplying for 100% off

MassChallenge Switzerland

From food innovation to agri-tech, MassChallenge is on a mission to equip bold entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and to create meaningful change.

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe grow their businesses, with 396 alumni raising $318M in funding. In 2020, we accelerated 94 early-stage startups, taking no equity or fees and connecting them to our corporate partners and broad group of expert mentors; because we ran the program virtually, we were able to connect more startups, experts, and partners than ever before.

Our 2021 program will run as scheduled, but will begin online and will only transition to hybrid or in-person programming and events when we can ensure the safety of our community. 2021 we have planned physical events, but as we don’t know how the pandemic will play out, the accelerator program is designed to be an on-line/on-site hybrid. Operating this way will enable startups from anywhere in the world to take part in the accelerator – yes most of our startups come from Switzerland and the EU, but we’re open to startups from any country.

The deadline for applications is March 8, 2021 at 23:59 CET - Interested founders can apply online at

Use 100% discount code FOODHACK2021 when applying

In 2021, we seek high potential startups from anywhere in the world to apply to our early-stage accelerator.

The MassChallenge program will run from July to October 2021 and which is structured as follows:

  • A core, industry-agnostic program
  • A designated Sustainable Food Systems Track for 20-30 startups involved in the production, distribution, packaging and disposal of food.


Startups who’ve taken part in MassChallenge have raised over $6.2Bn of funds and created 157,000 jobs.  Below is a list of the benefits you can expect, and some testimonials from startups, who’ve been in your shoes – applied, and then gone through acceleration in Switzerland.  

  • Unrivaled access to corporations :
    We facilitate startup connections to Nestlé, Bühler, Givaudan, Barry Callebaut, Südzucker, General Mills & more. We know what our partners are looking for and advise startups on how to work with corporations, so that engagement is simple and effective. Startups have created joint-ventures with, been funded by, or become suppliers to our corporate partners.  On top of this we also connect startups to our other partners across the world.
  • World class mentoring from 600+ experts :
    On average each startup has 3 mentors. Mentors come from many disciplines and have strong expertise. Many are entrepreneurs who have created (& exited) a startup. Our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence are role models, and have deep experience in raising funds, bringing a startup to market, scaling and then exiting. Again, our global network of mentors is open for startups to benefit from.  
  • CHF 1 million in non-dilutive cash prizes :
    The money is decided by an independent jury of experts. It is truly “no strings” attached. On top we also give away CHF 200,000 of in-kind prizes involving legal services, accountancy, banking and IP strategy consulting.
  • Tailored program curriculum :
    We have a world class curriculum with 50+ hours of lectures and workshops delivered by founders, experts and VCs. We survey startups to ensure activities are highly relevant, bringing connections and adding value to our startups.
  • Connections to Investors :
    We have a deep and broad network of investors – VC, CVCs, Angels, and Family Offices. We run “meet the investor” events throughout the curriculum, and a formal Investors Day where we match startups and investors.  
  • Free office space :
    startups are welcome to stay in our office for the year. They can also use our maker space free of charge.  
  • Proven model :
    more than 65% of Finalists raise funds during or immediately after the program.  
  • Feedback to every startup that applies :
    experts give qualitative and quantitative feedback on every startup that applies, to help entrepreneurs evolve their projects.  


We are looking for high potential start-ups that:

Are Early Stage: Startups will have, approximately, no more than $1Mio of capital raised, or $2M of Sales.  
Have impactful and viable ideas:

Impactful: We exist to help startups make an impact. Our judges are looking for the startup to define the impact. Most successful applicants show how they create value for themselves and society.  

Viable: Ideas need to be executed. We ask our judges to assess the quality of the team, their advisors and their plans to make things happen.


  • January 20, 2021: Applications open
  • February 3, 2021: Application Tips Webinar #1  
  • February 24, 2021: Application Tips Webinar #2
  • March 8, 2021: Applications close at 23:59 CET
  • April 7, 2021: Round 1 Judging results
  • May 3-7, 2021: Round 2 Judging  
  • May 19, 2021: Finalists Announcement
  • June 29, 2021: Switzerland Accelerator and Sustainable Food Specific Track starts
  • October 28, 2021: Final Awards & closing ceremony


Apply here and make sure to select the program of your choice:

  • Choose the Switzerland Accelerator – for the INDUSTRY AGNOSTIC PROGRAM
  • Choose the Sustainable Food Systems Track – if you are focused on sustainability, food, and packaging


Use 100% discount code FOODHACK2021 when applying
Deadline to apply: March 8, 2021

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February 8, 2021
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