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FoodHack Ambassadors build local communities around the globe. Their mission is to put a spotlight on breakthrough food technologies and encourage collaboration in their city.

Applications are now closed.

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About Hack Meetups

Meetups are welcoming spaces for founders, funders and operators to connect, exchange ideas and drive investment into tech that matters.

By hosting regular Meetups in 40+ cities around the world, Hack Ambassadors bring together local communities to accelerate the impact emerging technologies can have on people and planet.

In 2023, Hack Ambassadors brought together over 8.5K people around the world through 100+ Hack Meetups.

If you believe in the power of connecting people to accelerate the transition towards a climate resilient future for all, then the Hack Ambassador role might be for you.

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How it works
Find out if being an ambassador is for you
Submit your individual application*
*if applying alone, you will be matched with the other selected candidates. If applying as a team, please submit 1 application per person, and we recommend not applying with more than 2 other people
Our team will review applicants and let you know if there’s a match
Join the Hack Ambassador onboarding (where we equip you with everything you need to get started)
Start building your local FoodTech community!
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Why you should apply
As an ambassador you’ll gain first hand leadership experience, get to know tomorrow’s FoodTech rockstars before anyone else and establish yourself a go-to person for all things FoodTech in your city.
As an Ambassador, you'll have access to:
  • Online Training Programme
  • Branded Assets for Your Chapter
  • Resources and Templates
  • Ambassador Slack Channel with 100+ members
  • Hack Trends Membership
  • Support from Hack HQ
  • Discount for HackSummit tickets
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What's involved
FoodHack Ambassadors organise a minimum of 4 Meetups per year to foster their local FoodTech community.
As an Ambassador you will be responsible for:
  • Finding a venue to host your Meetups in.
  • Organising 4 Meetups per year in your city
  • Finding and reaching out to relevant speakers to participate in your Meetup.
  • Finding a photographer for your event (optional but recommended).
  • Publishing your Meetup via our event publishing platform.
  • Promoting your Meetup and sourcing participants to attend.
  • All aspects of event logistics (i.e. from set up, to hosting and clean up)
  • Securing local sponsors to cover costs of your Meetup (optional but recommended)
What are we looking for?
We are looking for outstanding individuals who are driven by a shared mission: accelerating the transition towards a climate resilient future for all.
When building a FoodHack team, we look to bring together certain skills. To build a strong FoodTech community, it’s important to have a few different angles covered:
  • At least one person in the team has a strong understanding of the startup fundraising and investment process (because one team member is an investor -either VC, CVC or angel, or has raised funds for their startup, or has worked in a venture-backed startup before).
  • At least one person in the team has a strong network in the startup / investment world, related to FoodTech.
  • In addition to this, there are key skills that make a great Ambassador such as experience in organising events, flexibility and strong interpersonal skills.
Note: Ambassador applications are individual. If you apply alone, you will be matched with other selected candidates. If applying as a team, please submit 1 application per person, and we recommend not applying with more than 2 other people. A maximum of 3 to 4 people will be selected per team.
Don’t get put off if you don’t have it all, the responsibilities of hosting a Meetup are shared across your local team and you can all bring different skills to the table!
Here are some of the traits that make up a winning team:
  • The Networker: Someone who’s locally well connected or isn’t afraid to send a cold email or LinkedIn request to a potential speaker, venue, partner and ask for the odd favour from their network.
  • The Marketer: Your Meetups are only as great as the people you have in the room and it’s the marketers responsibility to make sure people hear about your event and get everyone excited to attend.
  • The Host: Someone who’s full of personality and a natural entertainer, this person will make the attendees and speakers feel at home and at ease and is happy to be on stage hosting the event and getting the audience in the mood.
  • The Organiser: This person values organisation and processes above all, they like to preempt situations and plan accordingly - they’ll be critical to keeping the team on track, avoiding headaches and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Optional: As well as your core team, you’re also encouraged to find occasional volunteers from the community who can help out with set up and clean-up at the start and end of the event. You’d be surprised but it’s often the case that attendees are more than happy to help out - you just need to ask!
FoodHack Manifesto
So, you want to become an entrepreneur?
Or shake things up in the company you work for?
You’re curious. Hungry.
You’ve got big ideas.
And you want to make a difference.

You’re just in time. Because our food system needs you.

In the 50s, the green revolution changed the way we ate.
Crops grew faster and yields improved.
Food became accessible and affordable.
We stopped going to bed hungry.
And convenience freed us from hours in the kitchen. 

Soon the world got smaller.
Food traveled further and needed to last longer.
Many of us forgot how to prepare the dishes we grew up eating.
And we overindulged until it made us ill.

Abundance taught us how to waste.
While others couldn’t afford the food they harvested.
Our global food system is broken. 

We believe that bold ideas, entrepreneurship and collaboration can fix it.
And FoodHack is looking for people who dare to make change happen.
And that’s you. It’s time to start the next revolution. 

Become part of a global community.
Find your crowd. Build a team.
Share, learn, grow.
Connect across borders. 

Keep one eye on the trends and the other on the mavericks. 
Challenge the status quo.
Always stay ahead of the curve. 

Take the first step.
Take initiative. Take risks.
Try something new.
Make mistakes, pick yourself up and start again. 

But you don't have to do it alone.
Let’s create a greener, healthier, tastier world together,
one bite at a time.


What are FoodHack meetups?
FoodHack Meetups are informal events that bring your local community of FoodTech entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals together for an evening of insightful discussions and networking.
We know that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and tough road. We also know that it helps to get together with like-minded people facing the same challenges, asking themselves the same questions or on a similar path. That’s why we set up FoodHack Meetups, a no-fuss, low-commitment and friendly space where you can connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals in the FoodTech industry.
What does a FoodHack Meetup look like?
hack meetup image 1 hack meetup image 2hack meetup image 3hack meetup image 4hack meetup image 5hack meetup image 6hack meetup image 7hack meetup image 8hack meetup image 9
What makes you a great candidate?
It all starts with your why: why do you want to host Meetups in your city? What’s your motivation? The Ambassadors who that gain the most from the role are those who have a clear why. Maybe you’re active in the industry and want to establish yourself as a go to figure, maybe you’re working on your own foodtech business or maybe you’re just interested in fostering your local community and supporting the entrepreneurs and stakeholders who are working towards a better future for people and planet. If you’re still uncertain if an Ambassador role is right for you - share your why with us and we’ll let you know if you'd be a good fit.
What are the benefits of becoming a FoodHack Ambassador?
Organising Meetups is a great way to quickly grow your professional network within your local ecosystem, stay on top of the latest industry trends in your area and improve your entrepreneurial and networking skills.
As an Ambassador, you receive access to:
  • Online Training Programme
  • Branded Assets for Your Chapter
  • Resources and Templates
  • Ambassador Slack Channel
  • Hack Trends Membership
  • Support from Hack HQ
  • Discount for the HackSummit
Can I apply as a company or entity?
Yes. FoodHack Meetups chapters can be licensed to companies or non-profits, for an annual fee.
How long should my video be?
We recommend a maximum of 3 minutes. Use your best judgment :)
Can I hold a license for my entire country or multiple cities?
No. Hack licenses are limited to one city, and one per city.
What if I would rather start my own events instead?
You’re more than welcome to start your own event, we just ask that you do not use the “FoodHack” name or associate yourself with our brand.
Why do you ask for a video in your application?
We found it’s the best way to get to know someone in a faraway place. If you already have co-Ambassadors with you or have a great venue in mind for your event, this is also the occasion to introduce them to us.
What happens after I submit my video?
If your application seems like a good fit, we'll setup a video call to get to know you and answer any of your questions.
Should I apply with a team or without?
Applications are to be completed individually, and you are free to apply alone or with a small team. As spots are limited in each team, we may not be able to onboard each person of your team, so we recommend sticking to applying with 1 or maximum 2 other people. If you apply alone, you will be matched with other applicants in your city.