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In recent years, food has received unprecedented attention throughout Germany in a manner that brings different extremes of old and new, tradition and innovation, and humble and fine dining. Leading the ecosystem forward, Berlin was nominated one of the fastest growing startup ecosystem, attracting young technology professionals from all over the world.

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Isabel Eisenach

Senior Solution Engineer

I'm passionate about meeting new people and connecting them with like minded individuals in our network! If I can support through an introduction, even just for idea exchange, it seems small but can often make an impact.

Simon Bernhard

Product Manager
Hospitality Digital

Ever since I was a young adult, I had a deeply rooted passion for delighting guests with outstanding service. As I grew older I traded my desire to create memorable experiences with a degree in hospitality with a career in product management.

Leonie Häsler

People Operations Manager

I studied International Hospitality Management at EHL because of my passion for good food, drinks, and connecting people. Almost 4 years ago I moved to Berlin to work in tech startups. As a FoodHack ambassador, I get to combine: food + tech + people.


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