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Capital city of India', 'The historical City of India', 'the heart of the nation'- What can't it be?. It's a city that captures centuries of history within its colonial and Mughlai architecture, vibrant handicrafts and mouth-watering street food. Delhi's food is a mix of different traditions and cultures from the past. As people from different places came and settled in, the city acquired an identity from all the types of people living in it which is exactly what makes it an excellent spot for any new and upcoming trends in the food space. Home to the most iconic chefs of the nation, it has been a vibrant scene for molecular gastronomy & fusion food. Delhi's Culinary scene is as grand and diverse as its history. It is a mix of Indo-Persian culinary traits brought in by the Mughals, the European and various refugee settlements who came from different parts of the country. It is also a hot spot for Continental, Tibetan & Chinese food. With several Food delivery Apps and Cloud Kitchens now having made their mark,new-age and popular Agri-tech startups are making their presence felt in the market. There has been an emergence of Online Grocery startups along with Food & Beverage startups targeted towards consumers looking for healthy and sustainable living. The passionate love affair Delhiites have with their food has made Delhi a food hub. It'll be safe to assume that while not all Foodies are from Delhi, those dwelling in this chaotically beautiful city are big-time foodies and are always up for more!

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Garima Gupta

Social Media Analyst

Obsessively looking for all that's new in the Food space. Grocery aisles are like Disneyland to me!

Sanskriti Mittal

Ashna S


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