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Home to world-renown innovation centers and university campuses, Wageningen is a historic town known as Netherland's Food Valley. In Wageningen, the academic world, the business sector, and the government collaborate on major current social issues: our world food problem, the demand for sustainable production, healthy food, and the impact of climate change.

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Jean Boudillon

Agribusiness & soft skills trainer

Agribusiness & Soft skills trainer in the Global South, I'm one of FoodHack ambassadors in Wageningen and the Foodvalley in the Netherlands. I'm passionate about nature and biochacking. I love meeting new people and helping them grow their business!

Anna Pogrányi

Senior Assistant Brand Manager

Passionate about food and even more about sweets. Working as a marketer with economics and food engineering background. Love to dive into consumer needs and wants, the journey of crafting innovations and bringing them into life.

Lieke Boerema

Foodblogger, Working in Business & IT & Curious to sustainable food solutions!


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